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Frequently Asked /Questions

What should I know getting started?

I’m glad you asked. I suppose the easiest way (and only way at the moment) to get started is by downloading the browser extension for Chrome. Afterward you can sync all your existing bookmarks to sc10n. It may take a while depending on the number of bookmarks having to be processed, but the will be made progressively available as they’re processed. A caveat is that when all your bookmarks make it into sc10n the first time as you try to view your collection, it could take upwards to a minute or longer depending on number of bookmarks to service. Subsequent loads and queries should be much faster.

How do I get bookmarks into sc10n?

At the moment, the only way to get bookmarks into sc10n is to download and use the sc10n web extension for Chrome. This allows you to sync all your bookmarks from multiple browser and/or devices and also helps push any new bookmarks saved to sc10n.

You must be logged into sc10n for the web extension to work. You can tell if you're logged in and able to sync bookmarks with the web extension by looking at the icon.

If the icon has a "warning" image, it means the extension does not detect that you're logged into sc10n. To rectify, after logging into sc10n, click the sc10n extension icon on the browser. This will try to sync your log in status with sc10n.

Web extension authentication status:

Logged out

logged out icon

Logged in

logged in icon

The sc10n web extension for Chrome can be found here.

Where is the Firefox extension?

This may take a little longer than expected due to the authentication/identity provider we leverage, auth0. Based on the current API available from auth0, the support for Firefox extensions is limited to non-existent at the moment.

We're thinking and working through potential solutions at the moment.

Some bookmark categories seem off

Generally, we expect the auto categorization process to get better over time. We know it's not perfect at the moment and we're still trying to get better at this. While this gets tweaked, it may even get worse before it gets better. Please bear with us!

Categories and tags? What’s the difference?

Tags or a more personalized tagging system. We understand users may have their own system and preferences for tagging their content and we're here to help. Categories and tags will be different in that categories will, if applicable be provided for you through natural language analysis automatically. Tagging would be a more user controlled taxonomy. User tags can also be filtered by the user by clicking the actual tag on a bookmark.

Tell me about notes

I'm glad you asked. Notes is another way to help you do your best work. Some users add notes to summarize the bookmark. Others add notes to remind them of why it was bookmarked. Whatever you decide, we're here to support you. Notes support Markdown!

Is sc10n optimized for mobile?

In the initial phases we strove to build sc10n to be as responsive as possible, but sc10n is optimized for desktop first.

What about dead links?

A solution for dead links is still in the works that might involve pointing to an archived page. Currently, dead links do not make it into sc10n.

Is sc10n free? Will it cost anything in the future?

While sc10n is going through these early stages, it will remain free. As the service matures a bit more and works it’s way towards a more public release, we imagine the service will be priced at around $4 - $5/month or $45 - $55 / year (subject to change before launch).

Where can I send feedback?

We’re here to make this the best experience and product possible to help you do your best work leveraging bookmarks. Please feel free to send any feedback to:

If I have a question, who can I contact?

We’re here to help! Feel free to reach out at: