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A service for organizing your part of the web

SC10N wants to help you automate bookmark organization, retreival and utility especially with the things you about on the web

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Automatic categorization

We understand bookmarks can fall into disarray easily. That's why (if applicable) we will automatically categorize your bookmarks for you.

User tags and notes support

Personalize and organize your bookmarks by adding your own tags and/or notes

Autosuggestion for tags based on previously used/existing tags available after 20 unique tags. Notes support Markdown

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Filter by tags and categories

Being able to filter your bookmarks after you've tagged them or after they were categorized is important.

Each of the categories and tags associated with a bookmark, when clicked filters your bookmarks by that category or tag.

List building

We're bringing lists for your bookmarks because folders just doesn't cut it.

Maybe you want a description for your folder. Or perhaps you might want to organize your bookmarks in such a way that a bookmark should go into multiple folders. You can do all that with lists.

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Aggregate bookmarks

Have multiple machines and use multiple browsers?

We're committed to helping you bridge all your bookmarks to one place. To start, we have a Chrome extension that syncs all your Chrome bookmarks to sc10n. A Firefox version is still in development. Please see the FAQ for more info.


Search is your default homepage in sc10n. All your bookmarks are displayed here ready for search, filtering, list building and more!

Helping you find what you're looking for in your own knowledge repository will always be our primary goal.

We will continue to build tools that help you do your best work!

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